Our Story

It all began on the eve of my birthday. Mummy wanted me to smell fresh and clean for my special day, but little did she know that what she was using was not pooch friendly. I had to do something without hurting mummy's feelings. 

So I gathered my other pooch friends and we made our way to 'Puddles & Fetch HQ.' I panted and barked explaining what it is us furry friends needed. And it's simple…tummy rubs, a comfy bed, lots of play time and most importantly clean fur so we can snuggle fresh with our humans! They listened, gave me a delicious treat and today Puddles & Fetch are every pooch's 'natural choice.' - Pandora the Labrador

Puddles & Fetch is a family owned business created from our passion to develop a product that aligns with our value of spreading compassion and kindness to all living beings. 
Our 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo is Australian made, locally produced, organic where possible and developed using cruelty free ingredients and methods. Why 2 in 1? Having a 2 in 1 product cuts bath time in half for those dogs who aren't the biggest fans of water. 
Our motivation was ignited after using various 'natural' products on the market to wash one of our own doggies with skin allergies. We wanted to make sure we weren't further impacting the health of her skin by using harsh chemicals and hidden ingredients.
With this in mind we have channelled all our energy into developing one single product that incorporates chemical free ingredients with essential oils from plants and flowers that are gentle on every dog's skin. 
It's a product made with love for our furry friends and in memory of those who are no longer with us.